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By now, your presentation is looking really interesting, with text, images, and animations.

In this video, you will add transitions to your slides.

A transition is a visual effect that occurs when slides advance.

To begin, add a transition to your second slide.

This will be the transition you will see between the first and second slides.

Set the speed for your transition so it’s not too fast or slow between slides.

If it’s too fast, your audience won’t have time to read what’s on the slide.

If it’s too slow, they might lose interest.

You can apply the same transition to all slides or choose different transitions.

Continue adding transitions to your remaining slides.

Finally, preview your presentation to see the finished product.

Nice job.

Now, it’s your turn: Choose transitions for your slides, adjust the speed of the transitions, and preview your presentation.


  1. Choose transitions for your slides.
  2. Adjust the speed of the transitions.
  3. Preview your presentation.