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In the previous video, you added a theme, three slides, and a title to your presentation.

In this video, you will add text and images to your slides.

Your presentation text will communicate details about your topic.

In this example, the details will be about who you are and the things that matter to you.

Images will grab your audience’s attention and illustrate what you are presenting.

To start, click on the first slide in your presentation.

Think about the first thing you would like your audience to know.

If you are describing yourself, you might use this slide to describe people, pets, or school subjects you care about.

Talk about an accomplishment, Or discuss a favorite food or activity.

Include any details you like in your slides, just make sure they are appropriate for sharing with your class.

At the top of your slide, type a descriptive title.

Next, add an image.

Upload an image from your computer or another device.

Or, if you don’t have your own image handy, search the internet for one you can use instead.

Preview the image, and make sure it is free to use.

Insert the image.

Then, resize it so it fits on your slide, and move it to where you would like it to appear.

If you plan to add more images and text to this slide, leave room for them.

Next, add text to go with your image.

Create a text box above, below, or beside the image.

In the box, type something about the image and yourself.

Add another image to the slide, if you would like.

Follow the same steps to resize and position the image.

Add text to go with it.

Then, format your text to make the look of your slide fit your topic and your personality.

If necessary, resize and reposition the text boxes to change how the text fits on the slide.

Change the font to complement your images and express yourself.

Change the alignment or size of the text to customize the look of your slide.

Once you finish your first slide, move on to the next one.

Add a title.

Insert more text and images to tell your audience more about your topic.

If your topic is you, you might include: your interests, a favorite subject, Sports you play, or your hobbies.

Resize and reposition the images and text so everything fits together and is easy to read and view.

On the last slide, type a final thought for your audience.

This might be a motto, a phrase that describes you, or a short message like thank you or think positive!

Change the font and size until you like how it looks.

To see how your slides will look to your audience, preview them in present mode.

Exit present mode to make changes to your slides, then preview them again.

Now, it’s your turn: Add three slides and title them.

Format them with text and images about your topic.

Preview your presentation in present mode.

And make changes, if you like.


  1. Add three slides and title them.
  2. Format them with text and images to share about your topic.
  3. Preview your presentation in “present mode.”
  4. Make changes, if you like.