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In this video, you will add text to your slides.

The text will communicate details about your topic.

In this example, the details will be about who you are and the things that matter to you.

On your presentation, the slides might represent a different part of the main topic for a subject you’re studying in school.

Use Google Search to do research on your topic if you need to.

To start, click on the second slide in your presentation.

Think about the first thing you would like your audience to know.

For example, if you are introducing yourself, you might use this slide to: Describe people, pets, or school subjects you care about, talk about an accomplishment, or discuss something you love to do.

If your presentation is about another topic, you can use this slide to share information about that topic.

If a title is in the layout, type a descriptive title on your slide.

Next, add text to go with your title.

Then, format your text to make the look of your slide fit your topic and personality.

You can change the font size, type, or both.

You can also add color to your text… …and bold it to make it stand out.

Once you finish your first informational slide, repeat the process for the next two slides.

Insert more text to tell your audience more about your topic.

If your layout doesn’t have room for a title, add enough descriptive text so your audience will know what your slide is about.

Finally, add one more slide and choose a layout.

Type a final thought for your audience.

This might be a motto, a phrase that describes you, or a short message, like "thank you" or "think positive."

Now, it’s your turn: Add text to your informational slides, format the text, add one more slide, and type a final thought.


  1. Add text to your informational slides.
  2. Format the text.
  3. Add one more slide.
  4. Type a final thought.