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In previous videos, you built a presentation that includes text and images all about your topic In this video, you will animate the elements on your slides and add visual transitions between slides.

These kinds of effects add movement to your slides. They engage your audience and allow you to share information about your topic in different ways.

To start, animate your title. To animate an object on a slide, click on it. Then, choose from the list of animation effects.

Select "after previous" to make the animation happen automatically as the slide presentation progresses.

Test different animations until you find the one that works best for your presentation.

If you included a subtitle, animate it as well.

Adjust the speed of the animations until you are happy with the effect.

Then, choose a transition.

A transition is a visual effect that occurs when slides advance. Apply the same transition to all slides, or choose different transitions for different parts of your presentation.

To make your presentation begin on a blank screen, insert a slide before your title slide.

This makes your title effects show up clearly for your audience.

Next, animate the text and images on the following slide.

To start, click on an image to animate. Then, follow the same steps you did for the title slide to animate the image.

Make sure the animations begin after the previous slide so they run automatically. You can animate all the elements on your slide by clicking on each one and choosing "effects"...

...even the text!

Add a transition to this slide.

Continue adding animations to your slides.

In this example, the images fade in, the soccer ball spins, and the text flies in from the bottom.

Finally, animate the closing message for your presentation in a way that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Now, it’s your turn: Animate the images and text on your slides. Adjust the effects and the speed of the animations.

And choose transitions to appear between slides.


  1. Animate the images and text on your slides.
  2. Adjust the effects and the speed of the animations.
  3. Choose transitions to appear between slides.