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Choose an extension to continue learning new basic and advanced digital skills for building and maintaining a virtual journal.
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In the main lesson, you added images to your photo journal by searching the web or inserting images from Drive.

Another way to add images is by using Google Photos.

If you have a smartphone, you might have a lot of photos saved on it.

The Google Photos app automatically collects all of the pictures on your phone and stores them online, so you can access them from any device.

When you open Google Photos on a computer, the photos stored on your phone are also available there.

Even if you lose your phone, your photos are still safely stored online.

To begin using Google Photos, open a new tab in your browser.

Use the menu to access the app.

After you have synced the photos from your phone, create an album.

An album is a collection of photos about a specific topic or saved for a specific use.

Organize photos in an album to make them easy to access or quick to link to.

Add any photos to your album that you might want to share in your journal.

Name your album My Photo Journal or another name that is recognizable to you for your photo journal project.

Next, open your photo journal.

To insert a photo from Google Photos, follow the same steps you used when adding images from other locations.

Then, find your new album to locate the photos you selected for your photo journal, or link to a photo or an entire album.

Add the text you want to link.

Then, open the sharing settings.

Copy the link to the album.

Add a link to your text, and paste the link to your album.

Now, it’s your turn.

Open Google Photos, and sync it with your smartphone’s photos.

Create an album of photos for your journal.

Open your photo journal.

Choose an Extension
Share Your Journal

Students update the permission settings in their journal to share their work with others.

Create a Printed Version of Your Journal

Students create a printed version of their journal by adding page numbers and updating the table of contents.

Create a Journal as a Book or Historical Character

Students write a journal entry using the voice of a fictional character.

Add Your Photo Journal to Google Sites

Students learn how to create a website using Google Sites and about online safety to keep their journal semi-private.

Use Google Photos in Your Journal

Students learn to use Google Photos to add photos to their journal.

Add More Formatting Elements

Students add additional formatting elements to their journal.