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Choose an extension to continue learning new basic and advanced digital skills for building and maintaining a virtual journal.
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Many journals are intended for private thoughts and reflections that you want to keep for yourself.

But journals also can be fun to share with others, such as a friend, classmate, or teacher.

Some photo journals you might want to share include a record of experiments you conducted to prepare for a science fair, reflections on current events in your community or the world, or creative writing about places you’ve traveled.

In this extension, you will update the permissions settings in your photo journal.

Then, you will share your journal with your teacher or a classmate.

Before sharing your journal, make sure the content is appropriate for sharing with others and that you feel comfortable doing so.

To start, create a new tab in your browser, then open Drive.

Find your photo journal in your documents, and open it.

To update the sharing settings, add the email address of your teacher or classmate.

Then, choose what type of permission you’d like to give.

Can edit means that your teacher will be able to make changes directly to your document.

Can comment means that your teacher will be able to add comments or type suggestions, but you’ll have to approve them.

Can view means your teacher will only be able to read and make a copy of your journal, not make changes or comments.

Select can comment.

Your teacher or classmate will be able to give you feedback on your journal’s organization, design, and content.

Next, add a note to explain what your photo journal is about.

And share your document.

When your teacher makes comments on your journal, you will be notified by email.

Finally, decide which suggestions to implement, and resolve comments, so you can continue writing in the future.

Great work!

If you’d like to continue using your journal after your assignment has been completed, or if you ever want to make your journal private, you can remove sharing permissions, so your teacher or classmate no longer has access.

Now, it’s your turn.

Share your journal with your teacher or classmate.

Change the sharing settings.

Read and resolve comments, and remove sharing permissions if you’d like.

Choose an Extension
Share Your Journal

Students update the permission settings in their journal to share their work with others.

Create a Printed Version of Your Journal

Students create a printed version of their journal by adding page numbers and updating the table of contents.

Create a Journal as a Book or Historical Character

Students write a journal entry using the voice of a fictional character.

Add Your Photo Journal to Google Sites

Students learn how to create a website using Google Sites and about online safety to keep their journal semi-private.

Use Google Photos in Your Journal

Students learn to use Google Photos to add photos to their journal.

Add More Formatting Elements

Students add additional formatting elements to their journal.