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Create a Printed Version of Your Journal

Choose an extension to continue learning new basic and advanced digital skills for building and maintaining a virtual journal.
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A digital version of your journal is useful when you want to share it with others, add many photos easily, and access your journal from any location.

However, sometimes you want to have a physical copy of your journal.

You might want to hand in a printed version for your teacher to grade, bind a finished journal for a keepsake or a gift, or turn your journal into a multimedia art project with drawings and collages.

In this extension, you will create a printed version of your photo journal.

You will add page numbers, update your table of contents, and print a copy.

To start, open your journal from Drive.

Then, make a copy.

Because you are making changes that you might not want in your digital version, a new copy keeps the original intact.

Change the title of your new copy to reflect the purpose of this version.

To change your table of contents to the type with page numbers, delete your current table of contents.

Insert a new table of contents with page numbers.


Now the page number for each of your journal entries is listed in the Table of Contents, just like a reference book or magazine.

The headings in your digital version are still linked as well.

Next, add page numbers to your document, so it’s easy to reference the correct page when it’s printed.

Page numbers can be added to the top or bottom of the document.

Your cover page is considered page one, but you may not want a page number appearing on that page.

Select the option for a different header/footer on the first page.

Now the page one notation is removed, but the rest of your page numbers are still displayed.

Finally, print your photo journal.

Open the print menu.

Select the destination.

Choose a printer connected to your computer.

If you include colorful photos in your journal, try to find a printer that uses colored ink, or use a black and white printer.

If you do not have a printer available, save your photo journal as a PDF.

A PDF is a type of document that is easy to print or attach in an email to be printed later.

Nice work!

Now, it’s your turn.

Make a copy of your photo journal, and give it a name.

Change the Table of Contents to show page numbers.

Add page numbers to your document.

Remove the header or footer from your cover page, and print your journal, or save it as a PDF.

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