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Create a Journal as a Book or Historical Character

Choose an extension to continue learning new basic and advanced digital skills for building and maintaining a virtual journal.
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In the main lesson, you created a photo journal to tell a story about your life.

In this extension, you will create a new photo journal while pretending to be someone else!

Imagine you are a character in a book or a historical figure telling a story about your life or an experience you had.

What kind of details would you write about?

Which photos would you share?

Making a photo journal as another person is a fun creative writing exercise.

It’s a useful way to prove your literary or historical knowledge, and it’s a creative way to give a book report.

To begin, start a blank document, and give it a title.

Then, follow the steps you learned in the main lesson to create your cover page.

Add the title, a subtitle, and an image, with an attribution.

Insert a page break, and then create a heading for your first journal entry.

If you’re not sure what image you’d like to use, start by writing your journal entry.

With your character in mind, think about an experience or event from their point of view.

If you’re writing as a book character, recall a plot point from the story.

Write about what happened to the character, how the character reacted, and how the character felt about the experience.

If you’re writing about a historical figure, follow the same steps.

You may have to guess how the character felt, but make sure your descriptions of specific events are historically accurate.

Since this is a personal journal, use the first person.

The first person means that you are the subject of the writing, so use words like I and me.

Then, add an image that illustrates the events in your writing.

Repeat those steps for additional journal entries if you’d like.

Otherwise, add headings for the entries to be completed later.

Next, insert a page break after your cover page, and add your table of contents.

Finally, share your journal with your teacher.

Nice work!

Now, it’s your turn.

Choose a literary character or historical figure for your photo journal.

Create a new document, and title it.

Create a cover page, 1-3 journal entries with images, and a table of contents, and share your journal with your teacher.

Choose an Extension
Share Your Journal

Students update the permission settings in their journal to share their work with others.

Create a Printed Version of Your Journal

Students create a printed version of their journal by adding page numbers and updating the table of contents.

Create a Journal as a Book or Historical Character

Students write a journal entry using the voice of a fictional character.

Add Your Photo Journal to Google Sites

Students learn how to create a website using Google Sites and about online safety to keep their journal semi-private.

Use Google Photos in Your Journal

Students learn to use Google Photos to add photos to their journal.

Add More Formatting Elements

Students add additional formatting elements to their journal.