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Choose an extension to continue learning new basic and advanced digital skills for building and maintaining a virtual journal.
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In the main lesson, you created a photo journal to tell a story about an event in your life or to demonstrate knowledge of a topic.

In this extension, you will add more elements to your journal to personalize it further and provide more details.

You will link text, and add more fonts to the default list.

To start, open your photo journal.

If you wrote about a business, place, famous person, or event, you can link to a website or image about the topic.

Links contain additional context, background, or reference material to give the reader more details on the subject of your writing.

Open a new tab in your browser, and go to google dot com.

Use keywords to search for your topic, and choose the best link.

Copy the website’s URL by clicking into the address bar.

Select the URL, and copy it.

Select the word or words you want to link in your journal, and paste the URL into the link field.

You could paste URL directly in your journal, but linking specific words tells the reader the content of the link.

Next, change the font in your journal.

Different fonts provide a different tone or feeling for your journal.

They also can make a document easier or harder to read.

A readable font is a smart choice when you’re sharing your journal with others.

Choose the font that best suits the subject you’re writing about, or just choose something you like.

You can use the fonts already included in the font list for Google Docs, or you can add more fonts to the list of options.

Review all of the optional fonts, or filter and sort your list.

Select the font or fonts you’d like to add to your list.

Then select the text you’d like to change to your new font.

Find it in the list.

Great work!

Now, it’s your turn.

Search for a website to link to in your journal, and add the link to your text.

Add more fonts to your default list, and update your text with the new font.

Choose an Extension
Share Your Journal

Students update the permission settings in their journal to share their work with others.

Create a Printed Version of Your Journal

Students create a printed version of their journal by adding page numbers and updating the table of contents.

Create a Journal as a Book or Historical Character

Students write a journal entry using the voice of a fictional character.

Add Your Photo Journal to Google Sites

Students learn how to create a website using Google Sites and about online safety to keep their journal semi-private.

Use Google Photos in Your Journal

Students learn to use Google Photos to add photos to their journal.

Add More Formatting Elements

Students add additional formatting elements to their journal.