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6. Create a Photo Journal in Google Docs Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you learned how to create an organized, digital photo journal in Google Docs to express yourself creatively with images and text.

First, you chose a theme for your photo journal.

You created a cover page around that theme by adding a title and a photo.

Next, you built your first journal entry by adding a title and an image.

You wrote about the image and why you selected it.

You formatted the image and the text to suit the mood of the journal.

Then, you created space for additional entries to complete later.

Finally, you added a table of contents, so you can easily navigate your document.

You learned how to structure a document that is easy to read and interesting to look at.

You also learned how to insert page breaks, update formatting to create titles and headings, add photos from Drive and the web, find sources for your photos and cite them in your document, and build a table of contents.

You can use the knowledge you gained in this lesson with other projects you might create for school, work, or personal pursuits.

You could write a photo journal as a character in a novel to demonstrate your understanding of the characters, plot, and setting; track the development of various experiments leading up to a science fair; document regular progress on the work completed and the skills obtained during an internship; create a detailed inventory of an art portfolio; chronicle your life and achievements in a journal to share in a college or scholarship application; and keep a log of your travel adventures.

A journal can be used just for your own reflections, or it can be shared with others, such as a teacher or a friend.

Remember to consider your audience when you share your photos and writing.

Some things might not be appropriate in all contexts.

The more photos and text you add to your journal, the better record you’ll have of your life and your own experiences.

And with a digital document, you can use it anywhere you have access to your Google account.

Enjoy using your photo journal!

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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