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In the previous video, you created a Google Doc to use as your photo journal.

In this video, you will choose a theme or topic for your journal and give it a title.

Then, you will add your first image.

Choosing a topic for your journal helps you decide what you’ll write about.

Instead of tracking general thoughts about your day, you’ll choose a theme for your images and writing.

Your theme could be something you want to share with a friend, family member, or teacher.

Or it could be something to keep for yourself.

Possible ideas include your: Summer vacation First semester of high school Experiences on a school team or club Weekly reflections on books you’re reading Progress on a school play, from rehearsals to opening night Favorite song of the week Or weekly science experiments After you’ve selected your topic, choose a title that reflects that theme.

Add it to the first page of your journal.

This will be your cover page.

A cover page is the first page of a longer document that briefly shows its purpose with a title, image, and the author’s name.

Change the style of the title text.

Then, align it.

Add subtitles with your name and the date.

Align the subtitles.

Next, add your first image.

An image makes your cover page more visually appealing, and it sets the tone for the rest of the journal.

Your image could come from your smartphone, your computer desktop, or Google Drive.

Or, if you don’t have your own image available, use one from the internet.

You can choose any photo that represents your theme.

When using images from a web search, it’s important to cite the source of the image.

Only include images that are free to use.

Preview the image to read the usage rights.

Then, view the source in a new tab to check whether you need to include an attribution with your image.

An attribution gives credit to the author of a creative work, or notes its location or source.

If your image is in the public domain, you don’t need to include a source to use the image.

When creative work is in the public domain, it is not subject to copyright laws, so it’s free for anyone to use.

However, your teacher may want to know where you found the image, so include it in your journal.

Copy the URL of the image’s source location.

Then, return to the tab with your image, and insert it into your document.

Paste the source location under the image.

Make the font smaller, so it doesn’t draw focus away from more important text.

Nice work!

You’ve created a cover page for your journal.

Move on to the next video to create a journal entry.


  1. Choose a theme for your journal.
  2. Add a title, your name, and the date to the cover page.
  3. Change the styles and alignment.
  4. Insert an image from your smartphone, desktop, or Drive, or a web search.
  5. Include an attribution for your image.