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4. Adjust the Format of Your Image and Text

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In the previous video, you wrote your first journal entry and added another photo.

In this video, you will change the format of your image and text, so it reflects your personality and your journal’s mood or theme.

To start, resize or crop your image.

Resizing an image makes the entire image bigger or smaller.

Cropping cuts off parts of the image, such as the background or a logo, that you don’t want to include.

Select your image and use the editing tools to adjust its size.

Then, wrap the text around your image.

Add a border, and adjust the image options if you like.

Modifying the brightness changes the mood of your journal entry while adjusting the contrast might create drama.

Next, update the format of the text.

Change the font, size, color or emphasis, such as with bold or italics Use the format to express yourself, your emotions, and the mood of the journal entry.

Great job writing your first journal entry!

Move on to the next video to finish the first entry of your photo journal.

Now, it’s your turn.

Resize or crop your image.

Add a border.

Change the color, brightness, and contrast if you’d like.

Wrap the text, and update the font with different colors, sizes, and emphasis.


  1. Resize or crop your image.
  2. Add a border.
  3. Change the color, brightness, and contrast, if you’d like.
  4. Wrap the text.
  5. Update the font with different colors, sizes, and emphasis.