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Now that you have finished planning, it’s time to start your mind map.

In this video, you will begin by adding the main topic.

First, create a new drawing and rename it.

If you will be working on the mind map with others, only 1 person needs to create the drawing.

Share it, and give everyone Editor permission.

Also, working with others may require making some group decisions in the next few videos.

If you can’t come to an agreement, ask your teacher.

You should also discuss who will be doing what parts of the mind map if you are only doing 1.

For example, 1 person may complete the main topic and branches, while someone else may complete the twigs.

Change the page setup on your drawing to widescreen to give you more room on the canvas.

Then, add a shape for your main topic.

Reposition the shape where you want it.

Most mind maps have the main topic in the center.

Add your main topic and center align it.

Finally, change the font style and size to make it stand out.


  1. Create a new drawing and rename it.
  2. Share it with others if you are working together.
  3. Change the page setup to widescreen.
  4. Add a shape for the main topic and reposition it.
  5. Add your topic and center align it.
  6. Change the font style and size.