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5. Finish Adding Words to Your Mind Map

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In this video, you will add the branches and twigs to your mind map and connect all the parts.

To begin, choose a shape for your branches.

Select a different shape from the main topic to separate your ideas more.

Use Control-C to copy the shape...

and Control-V to paste it 3 times to make 4 shapes, 1 for each branch.

Some computers have a Command key instead of a Control key.

Then, use the guides on each side of the shapes to line them up how you want them.

Add the text from your table to the branches in any order.

Don’t worry about running out of space.

Digital tools allow you to easily resize shapes as needed.

Next, choose a different shape for your twigs.

Resize the shape so you can fit several of them in your mind map without crowding it.

Add the text from your table to the twigs.

Adjust each shape to fit the text if you need to.

Again, the ideas can be in any order.

Center align the text...

and change the font style and size if you wish.

Finally, add lines to connect the main topic with the branches...

and the branches with the twigs.

Congratulations! You have completed your mind map.

You can now move on to add color...

Photos or images...


Or Word Art to your mind map to make it look unique and reflect who you are.

Try to do at least 3 extra features or do all 4!


  1. Add shapes for your branches and twigs.
  2. Add text to your branches and twigs.
  3. Center align the text and change the font style and text.
  4. Add lines to connect all parts.