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In the main lesson you changed your form to a quiz for your guessing game.

The quiz form lets you assign point values to score your quiz questions.

When you use point values, others can see the amount of points a question is worth and also see their final score based on their answer.

This might sound similar to how your teacher scores your tests and homework, where questions are worth points and the ones you answer correctly will determine your score or grade.

In this extension video, you will assign point values to questions on your form so others can see a score for their results.

To begin, open your guessing game form.

Add a new question.

Add options for the answer.

Google Forms may suggest options for you to use.

Select the correct answer in the answer key.

Next, add point values to the question.

You can use decimals and whole numbers.

Choose values based on how much each question is worth.

For example, it may be worth more if someone enjoyed your guessing game more than guessing the right answer.

Make the questions required if you do not want them to be skipped by accident or intentionally.

Then, exit the answer key and add points to another question.

You might want to rearrange the order of information on the form.

Next, allow others to see the point values or scores when they play your guessing game.

You can preview your form to see how it will look for others playing your game.

They will see the amount of points for each question.

And their scores with the total number of points for the game.

Send your quiz to a classmate so they can complete your quiz and see their score.

Now, it’s your turn: Add a multiple choice question, its options, and select the correct answer. Assign point values.

Require answers to your questions. Allow others to see point values.

And preview and send the form to a classmate.

Choose an Extension
Add Sections to Your Form

Add structure to your form by creating sections.

Add a Video

Add a video that supports information on your quiz form.

Score Your Quiz

Add point values to questions to score your quiz.