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Add Sections to Your Form

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In the main lesson, you created a quiz form and added information for your guessing game to the form.

The information you added to your form is part of one long section, and with more information, the form could begin to look cluttered, making it hard for someone to follow and complete.

To fix this, you could add form sections to break up the form into smaller parts, making it easier to read and complete.

In this extension video, you will add sections to provide structure to your form.

Each section will show as its own page in your game.

You will also make the form show a certain section depending on how someone answers your guessing game question.

To begin, open your form.

Consider how you want to show the form’s information on the screen when someone is filling it in.

Maybe you want to group similar questions or show a new page for each question.

Select an area and add the section below it.

You could give the section a name or describe it.

Maybe you’d like to add a section to show an image as a hint or something else for your guessing game.

As you add sections, check their order.

This is the order the sections will show on screen.

Section 1 will start the form and then section 2 will show and so on...

You can also choose what happens after someone completes a section.

You can, continue to the next section or submit the form...

and you could decide which section of the form to go to based on the answer someone chooses.

For example, if someone guesses the correct answer to your quiz question, you could immediately submit the form to end the game.

If they guess the wrong answer, you could direct the person to your hint.

After you add one or more sections, preview the form to make sure it’s working as you intended and to check for errors.

Now, it’s your turn: Add a section and replace its title.

Add another section and replace its title.

Select a section to show based on an answer.

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Add Sections to Your Form

Add structure to your form by creating sections.

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