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Videos are useful for quizzes where you want someone to watch a video and then respond to related questions.

You can also use videos to explain how to do something or use it to explain an answer on your form.

In this extension video lesson, you will add a Youtube video to support information on your form.

To begin, open your form and add a video.

You could paste a video URL or search for a Youtube video.

You might want to show a video that gives instructions or one that relates to a question or answer on your form.

When you select a video, it will show as an image on your form.

You can click the image to watch the video.

You could replace the video if you ever need to.

When you have the video you want, give the video a title.

Maybe you want to move the video.

You could place it before or after a question or other part of your form.

Then you could preview it again to see how it looks.

Now, it’s your turn: Add a video to your form, Preview it, Name the video, And move the video, if you want.

Choose an Extension
Add Sections to Your Form

Add structure to your form by creating sections.

Add a Video

Add a video that supports information on your quiz form.

Score Your Quiz

Add point values to questions to score your quiz.