5. Create a Guessing Game Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you played a guessing game with your classmates to get to know them.

Trivia or guessing games are a fun way to test your knowledge about something or get to know someone new.

You used Google Forms to create your guessing game.

Using a digital application makes it easier for you to send questions and collect information from other people.

You changed the form to a quiz...

You typed instructions for the game...

and added a question and answers.

And shuffled the answers.

You added an answer key...

And feedback for the answers...

And you added a theme.

Then, you sent your game to other group members.

You played their games and looked at your results.

And viewed the other group members’ results for your game.

Making a form is a convenient way to gather and track answers from a large group.

You could use a form to make a survey about a project, or gather votes for an activity, like a school event.

You can also create a quiz that you and your study group can use to prepare for a test.

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