2. Add Questions and Answers

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In this video, you will add a description about your form and then add questions and responses.

Games usually have information that explains the rules and goals of the game.

To begin, add information about your form so someone knows what to do when they open it.

Then add a question to your form.

Your question offers an opportunity for others to guess something interesting about you.

Guessing games can be fun when they ask questions that are interesting and challenging to answer.

Your question could ask about a fun experience you had, a hobby, or your favorite things.

These are just examples.

You can use your own question.

Next, add the answer to your question.

You can select the type of answer you want for your question.

You could require that someone type a short or long answer to your question, like a name or an explanation.

The answer format changes on the form, based on the answer type.

You could require that people choose from a list of options, like multiple choice, where only one answer is correct… or maybe your question has more than one right answer people could select using check boxes.

Additional answer types are available to choose from.

For this lesson, choose multiple choice for your guessing game.

Next, add the correct answer to the question.

Add at least three more options that are the wrong answers.

To make the question a fun challenge, try to write similar options so that the correct answer isn’t too obvious in the list of answers.

Like, if your question is to guess your favorite flavor of ice cream, you might want to list other ice cream flavors as possible answers.

After you add the answers, you could choose to shuffle the list of answers so that the correct answer is placed in a different position each time someone opens the form.

Now, it’s your turn: Add a description, Add a question to the form, Choose your answer format, Add answers, And choose to shuffle the answers.


  1. Add a description.
  2. Add a question to the form.
  3. Choose your answer format.
  4. Add answers.
  5. Choose to shuffle the answers.