4. Add a Theme, Play the Game, and See Results

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In this video, you will customize your form’s background with a color that is appealing to you.

You will also send your form to the members in your group and play each other’s guessing game.

To begin, return to the question and customize your theme.

Choose a color theme.

This color will show in the background of the form.

You can select one of the colors shown or create a custom color.

You can also choose a decorative header for the theme.

Choose a header from a variety of categories.

If you want, you could change the color shade used in the background for this theme.

Consider changing the font style to make the text stand out.

Then, close the theme options and preview the form to see how it looks.

This is a good time to check for misspelled words or missing punctuation.

When you like how your form looks, return to the form and send it to the other group members.

Add the email addresses of the other group members.

Then, send it.

Next, find a quiz about someone in your group in your email and open it.

Play the game and submit the form.

Then you can view your results.

Open the quizzes from other people in your group.

Continue to play their guessing games until you’ve played the game of everyone in your group.

Then, see how your group responded to your question.

You’ll see charts showing how many people responded to your question and how they responded.

Now, it’s your turn: Customize the theme of your quiz, Preview your quiz.

Send your quiz to the group and respond to their quizzes, And view the responses to your quiz.


  1. Customize the theme of your quiz.
  2. Preview your quiz.
  3. Send your quiz to the group and respond to their quizzes.
  4. View the responses to your quiz.