3. Add a Hint and an Answer Key

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Sometimes, really challenging questions can discourage people from trying to guess the answer.

This is when a hint can help encourage someone to guess the answer.

In this video, you will add an image that will hint at the right answer to your quiz question.

You will also choose the correct answer to your question in the answer key so the person playing the game can see if they guessed the right or wrong answer.

To begin, search the web for an image that represents your answer, like a location or an object.

As you search for images, you will find many varieties on the web.

Digitally created art, such as clip art, might communicate a more light and fun message to your audience...

While photos show real examples of things.

Preview the image, and make sure it is free to use.

Insert your image and give it a title.

If you want, resize the image.

Using images can also make a form look more bright and interesting and the image you added to your form can make your guessing game look fun to play.

In the beginning of this lesson, you switched the form to a quiz so people could see their results with the correct answer.

To show the correct answer, select it in the answer key.

If you want to make the game more engaging, you can add feedback, or comments, that pop up when someone guesses the incorrect answer...

or the correct answer.

When people see their results they will be able to see the information you wanted them to guess about you.

Now, it’s your turn: Insert an image as a hint and give it a title, Resize the image if you want, Select the correct answer in the answer key, And add feedback.


  1. Insert an image as a hint and give it a title.
  2. Resize the image if you want.
  3. Select the correct answer in the answer key.
  4. Add feedback.