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4. Add a Tagline and Download Your Postcard

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In this video, you will write a tagline about what makes the place on your postcard special.

A tagline is a short phrase or sentence usually meant to advertise something or catch your attention.

They are usually easy to remember. For example, think of your favorite movie, product, or game.

Maybe there’s a catchy phrase or saying about it that comes to mind.

To begin, think of a tagline for your postcard.

To come up with one, think about what you’d like your audience to know about this place.

What makes it different than anywhere else?

Maybe it’s the home of your favorite sports team or food.

Maybe your place has a feature that only people who live in the area really know about, like a favorite gathering spot or local event.

When you’ve decided on a tagline, add it to your postcard.

Format the tagline to fit your postcard design.

Then align your text so that it doesn’t compete with the image in the background.

When you’re finished designing your postcard, download it to your Drive so that you can share it online.

Now it’s your turn: Add a tagline that represents the location on your postcard, Format and align the text, And download the postcard.


  1. Add a tagline to your postcard.
  2. Format and align the text.
  3. Download the postcard.