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3. Choose a Theme and Add a Cover Page Slide

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In this video, you will choose a theme for your picture book. Then, you will make a cover page. A theme gives all of your slides a similar look and style. Click on Theme.

Then, scroll through the theme menu to see the options. Some themes are fun and colorful. Others are more serious.

Choose a theme that matches your story idea. Then, close the theme menu.

Next, create your cover page. The cover page of a book includes its title and the author’s name. Choose an interesting title so people want to read your story. Click to add a title, then type it in.

Next, type in the author's name. You are the author because you are the person writing the book. Now, it’s your turn: Choose a theme, Add a title, And add your name as the author.


  1. Choose a theme.
  2. Add a title.
  3. Add your name as the author.