3. Build Your Answer Key

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When you make a crossword puzzle, it is often best to work backwards and start with your answers. By adding the answer words in the cells at the beginning of the process, you can make sure each word fits well with the other words, and each clue clearly leads to one answer. In this video, you will add words to your crossword puzzle to create your answer key. To begin, zoom out so you can see more of the area you will use to build your words. Then, select the part of the sheet you will use for your words.

And increase the font size.

Choose a light-colored font to make your words stand out against the dark background.

And align to the center, so your words will look like the ones added to a typical crossword puzzle answer key.

Next, add a word that fits your theme. Start with a longer word so you have plenty of letters to use to connect with other words. Place the word going from left to right in the middle of the visible part of the spreadsheet so you have space to build other words.

Then, add a second word. This word must have at least one of the same letters as your first word. Type your second word going top-to-bottom.

Connect this word to the first word using a letter they have in common.

Add at least three more words to your crossword puzzle going both top-to-bottom and left-to-right.

Make sure the words relate to your theme. Connect the words so that each one uses one letter from at least one other word.

Change the color of the cells containing the words - and the color of the words themselves - to match the format of a standard crossword puzzle.

Then, rename the sheet you used to indicate that it is the answer key.

Now, it’s your turn: Format the text and cells for your words, and Add at least five words to create an answer key.


Now, it’s your turn:
  1. Format the text and cells for your words.
  2. Add at least five words to create an answer key.