4. Add a New Sheet for Clues

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Now that you have created your answer key, you can use it to build the crossword puzzle that you will share with others. Once you’ve followed the steps to create your crossword, you will have a fun activity to challenge your friends and family with!

In this video, you will duplicate your answer key and format it. Then you will add clues to create a crossword puzzle that others can complete.

To begin, duplicate your answer key. This will create a new sheet that you can reformat to remove the answers and build the actual crossword puzzle.

Rename the new sheet.

Then, move the sheet, so it is the first sheet someone will see when you share your crossword puzzle with them.

Next, add two new columns for your clues.

Change the color of the cells and text, so your clues are separate from the puzzle area.

Add a header to the first column to indicate which cell each word begins in,... And to the second column for your clues.

Format the headers,...

Expand the columns so you have space to add text under each one.

In the first new column, add a cell reference for the beginning of each word. A cell reference is a label for a cell or range of cells using the column letter and row number, such as A1 and F7.

Add the cell reference for the first letter of one of the words.

You can organize your clues in several different ways. For example, you can begin with clues for all of the words going down first or with a clue for the word that appears in the column that is first alphabetically. Include whether the word goes across or down.

Then, add a clue for the word in the next column. Your clue should include information that will help the person completing the puzzle without giving away the answer. You might use a definition, an example, or both. Format the columns to make it easy to read the clues.

Continue adding cell references and clues for your words.

Make the “Clue” column wider if you need to.

Using synonyms or related words can provide useful clues.

Next, remove the text in the cells where the answers are, so that a person solving your puzzle will know where the words are supposed to be added without actually seeing the answers!

Now, it’s your turn: Duplicate your answer sheet to create your puzzle, Rename and format the new sheet, Add cell references and clues for your words, And delete the answers from the puzzle.


Now, it’s your turn:
  1. Duplicate your answer sheet to create your puzzle.
  2. Rename and format the new sheet.
  3. Add cell references and clues for your words.
  4. Delete the answers from the puzzle.