4. Review Your Study Guide as a Group

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In this video, you will read through the study guide that your group has created.

Each member of the group will add comments about missing or inaccurate information to make sure that you’ve covered all of the information you need for your test or project.

Sharing feedback and comments will help your group cover all the major points of your topic.

To begin, read through the entire study guide.

Check the information written by your group members.

Add at least one comment to each section your partners wrote.

You can suggest they add more information about a picture they included...

...or remind your partners about important information that should be included in the study guide.

Add a comment with a question if you find something that is incorrect or unclear.

Include compliments to your team members as well.

Positive comments are an important part of working with a team.

When you finish reviewing the sections that your group members wrote, return to your section and read the comments they left for you.

Reply to their comments and edit your section based on their comments.

Resolve the comments as you make edits.

Finally, look over the document to see if there are any comments your group members need help resolving.

Help them find the answers they need to resolve any outstanding comments.

Now, it’s your turn: Review all the sections, Add comments to your teammates sections, Resolve comments in your section, And help others resolve comments about their topics.


  1. Review all the sections.
  2. Add comments to your teammates sections.
  3. Resolve comments in your section.
  4. Help others resolve comments about their topics.