5. Create a Collaborative Study Guide Wrap-Up

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Building a study guide helps you learn about your subject by putting key information into your own words.

Creating your study guide collaboratively allowed you to use the knowledge of a whole group of people, rather than relying just on your own notes and memories about a topic.

You can also use your study guide to quiz other students, make flashcards, or create a practice test.

In this lesson, you: Formed a group and chose a subject for your study guide, Assigned a subtopic to each person in the group...

...Added information for your subtopics...

...Reviewed the other sections of your study guide and added comments, And made changes to improve the guide based on other students’ comments.

Collaborating in a digital document helped you to: Divide up the work, Review, recall, and organize information, And improve each other's work by adding comments and suggestions.

Review your guide daily until the day of your test or project.

Use comments or edit the document to add new information you learn from your teacher or other students.

Writing a study guide is a form of writing a summary.

The skill of summarizing is one that you can use in many settings, such as when you need to make a short report on a large set of information for a job.

The same collaborative skills you used to make a study guide can be used to work with a group to organize a school trip.

Or plan a big event like a fundraiser, dance, or family reunion.

Nice work!

You have one more skill for understanding topics in school with the help of a group.

When you work together with others, you create better tools that make studying for tests and assignments easier.

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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