2. Choose a Topic for Your Group Study Guide

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In this video, your group will choose a topic for your study guide.

To begin, talk with your group about an upcoming test or project that you need to study for.

Decide as a group on the topic you will cover.

Or, your teacher may assign you a topic.

Write the name of your topic as a title in your document.

Then, divide that topic into smaller parts, or “subtopics.”

Subtopics are the smaller subjects that make up a large subject.

For example, if your study guide is on the Amazon rainforest, you subtopics could be: plants of the rainforest, animals of the rainforest, soil in the rainforest, indigenous groups who live in the rainforest, the countries that contain the Amazon rainforest Each member of your group will choose one of those subtopics, then add their notes and research about their subtopic to your study guide.

For subtopic ideas, look through the table of contents in your textbook, or choose major themes from notes you’ve taken in class.

Type a list of the subtopics in your document.

Then, each group member should choose at least one subtopic to cover.

As you choose who will cover each subtopic, type their name in parentheses.

Make sure everyone feels knowledgeable about the subtopic they chose.

After you have assigned each topic, everyone in the group should return to their own computer.

Then, move on to the next video where you will add information about your subtopic.

Now, it’s your turn: Choose the topic for your study guide, Brainstorm a list of subtopics, And assign subtopics to each group member.


  1. Choose the topic for your study guide.
  2. Brainstorm a list of subtopics.
  3. Assign subtopics to each group member.