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In this video, you will update the master slide and add a link that returns to the image slide.

Then, you will test your interactive image in present mode.

To begin, go to the first slide after your image.

Open the Master Slide.

With the master slide, you can change the look and style of the entire presentation.

Using the master slide allows you to update all of your slides at the same time.

All of the slides with this layout are selected.

Anything you add on the master slide will be added to all the selected slides at the same time.

Add a link that goes back to the image.

To do this, add a text box at the bottom of the master slide.

In the text box, add a direction for your viewer, like “return to image.”

Next, insert a link that goes to the image slide.

This will allow the viewer to return to the image from any slide.

Update the font and color of the new text so it stands out against your background color.

Close the Master slide.

The new link should appear on all the slides.

You can use the master slide to update font styles and colors, add slide numbers, or insert an image onto every slide on your presentation.

By updating all the slides with a certain layout at once, you can save lots of time.

Now, test your clickable image in Present mode.

Click the mouse to advance to the image slide. Then, click on one of the part of your image.

Read the information, then click the “return” link to go back to the image.


If the presentation does not advance to the correct slide, check the links.

Make sure each part of the image is linked to the correct slide.

Then, make sure the “return” text on the master slide is linked to the image.

Exit present mode to make updates. When each link works, your interactive presentation is complete!

Now, it’s your turn: Open the master slide, Insert a link back to the image, And test your interactive image in present mode.


  1. Open the master slide.
  2. Insert a link back to the image.
  3. Test your interactive image in present mode.