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In this video, you will draw shapes over each region in your image.

Then, you will make the shapes transparent, or invisible.

To create the first shape, select “polyline.”

Insert a polyline on one of the borders of your image.

Draw a shape that covers one state, province, territory, or city.

For example, if your image covers a region, draw a shape around one country or state.

Click in a corner of the first region.

Move the mouse to another part of the region and click again to make a line.

Continue clicking at different points around the region to form a rough shape.

Close the shape by clicking the first point you made.

If your image has too many parts, consider cropping the image to include fewer parts.

Then, make the shape invisible. Select each polyline shape you created and remove the fill color and the border color so you can no longer see them.

Repeat this process for all parts of the image.

Now, it’s your turn: Insert polyline shapes for each part of the image, And make the fill and border color transparent.


  1. Insert polyline shapes for each region on the map.
  2. Make the fill and border color transparent.