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Use an interactive quiz to practice for an upcoming test or make a fun game to share with friends. Playing a quiz game is a great way to learn more about a topic.

In this extension, you will turn your interactive map into a quiz game.

To begin, make a copy of your presentation.

Rename your copy and the title of the quiz.

Add a link to the title slide that starts your quiz game.

This makes the presentation look like a game start screen.

On the second slide with the map, change the title to a question.

For example, you could ask if the map has the largest population or which area has a famous landmark.

Go to slide 3 and view the master slide.

Change the “Return to Map” text on the “Section Title and Description” master slide to something like “Try Again.”

This gives your game players a way to get back to the map to find the correct answer.

Make the font size bigger so it stands out on the slides.

Close the master slide.

Next, add Word art. Word art allows you to format text by changing its color and font.

Use Word art to clearly show which answer is right and wrong.

Copy your Word art to the other slides with wrong answers.

On the slide with the right answer, create new Word art that shows this slide is correct.

Then, add a background shape with a color that is different from your current background color.

This will make the slide with the right answer stand out from the other slides.

Then, arrange the order of the shape so it goes behind the text and Word art on the slide.

Place your most important items in the front of your slide, and less important items in the background.

Now, use Present mode to make sure your links work properly.

After testing your links, exit present mode.

Now, your interactive quiz game is complete!

Now, it’s your turn: Make a copy of your presentation, Add a link from slide 1 to slide 2, Change the title on the map slide, Change the master slide link, And add Word art to show right and wrong answers.

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