Add a Timeline Diagram to Your Presentation

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In this extension, you will add a timeline diagram to your presentation.

Diagrams support your text by presenting information visually.

Using visuals like a diagram helps your viewers process the information on your slides faster and helps them understand complex ideas.

You could build a diagram to: Share the results of a survey, Show the steps in a process, Present a family tree, Or display a timeline of events.

To begin, open your presentation and add a new slide.

Select a diagram that fits the topic of your presentation. For example, if your project explains how something has changed over time, a timeline might be a good option.

Update the diagram you created to include information that relates to your presentation.

To create a timeline, search online or use your textbook to find at least three important dates about the place in your presentation.

Update the diagram template with the information you found online.

If you make a timeline, select at least three dates to include and add them in order with the oldest date on the left side of the timeline and the most recent date on the right.

Once you change all the text with the new information, then your diagram is complete.

Now, it’s your turn: Add a new slide, Insert a timeline diagram, And update the information in the diagram.

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