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In this extension, you will add a chart to your presentation.

Charts support your text by presenting and showing information visually.

Using a chart helps your viewers make sense of large amounts of data by changing numbers into visuals.

Charts make complex ideas easier to understand.

A chart could use bars to show different populations...

...or use lines to show the points scored by a sports team over time….

... or use sections to show the percentage of people who like certain animals.

To begin, open your presentation and add a new slide.

Now, select one of the charts that fits your data. For example, if you want to compare populations of countries, states or cities, then select a column chart.

To edit the chart, open the source of the data. The source information is in a spreadsheet.

Enter information into the spreadsheet.

Experiment with changing the rows and columns and see how this affects the chart.

For example, if you delete a column, the number of bars in the chart changes.

When you change the numbers in the table, the size of the bar change.

When you’re done making changes, go back to the tab with your slideshow presentation.

Update the chart to see your changes.

Now, it’s your turn: Select a topic for a chart, Create a new column chart, Edit the data, And update the chart to see the changes.

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