8. Create a Clickable Map in Google Slides Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you created an interactive, clickable image of a place, such as a city, state, country, or region.

An interactive image makes your presentation more engaging by asking your audience to choose what they want to see on the image.

Adding choices offers a more unique user experience than a typical report.

Your audience makes selections and explores on their own, making it more about what the user wants to know, rather than what you want them to know.

As you built your interactive presentation, you: Chose a theme and chose an image, Used polylines to outline key parts of your image, Linked the shapes to new slides, Added interesting details to each slide, And added a link on the master slide that returns to the image.

You can make interactive, clickable diagrams like this one to help study for a test or to teach someone a new topic.

For example, you could create a clickable diagram of a human skeleton to help study for a science test.

Create an interactive timeline to review history.

Or make an interactive family tree that shares stories about your ancestors.

With an interactive presentation, you bring a project to life and create a fun and engaging experience for your viewer!

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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