2. Choose a Place and a Theme for Your Presentation

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In this video, you will choose a place to study and a theme for your presentation.

To begin, choose a place. You might choose: A country that you are studying in a class, A region that you would like to explore, Or cities that you have always wanted to visit.

Or, your teacher may assign you a place.

Use the place you selected as the title.

Add your name as the sub-title.

Next, select a theme. The theme sets the format, font, and colors of your slides. Each theme gives a different look and feel.

For example, if your presentation is more serious, then select a more professional look.

When you focus on the facts, pick calm colors like blue, green or purple.

If you want something more playful and fun, select warm colors, like red, orange, or yellow.

Or customize the theme with colors related to the place you are studying, such as the colors of your country’s flag.

To customize colors, right click on the background and select a new color.

Add the color to your theme to change the background in all of your slides in the entire presentation.

Now, it’s your turn: Choose a place, Add a theme to your presentation And customize the theme if you’d like.


  1. Choose a place.
  2. Add a theme.
  3. Customize the theme.