6. Add One Interesting Detail to Each Slide

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In this video, you will add interesting details about your place to each slide.

Adding some facts gives the viewer of the presentation something to read and see when they click on the image and go to a slide.

Including unique details makes the user experience more rewarding and keeps them wanting to see more.

To begin, search online or use your textbook to find at least one interesting fact about each region you cover in your presentation.

Include facts such as capital cities and populations. Or focus on fun facts like most popular foods, famous tourist attractions, or celebrities who have lived there.

Your teacher may also have suggestions for information to add.

Keep the text brief so it is easy to read.

Adjust the text color and size so it shows up on the background and is easy to read.

Then, add images to each slide that illustrate the information you chose or represent the region, such as an image of a city or scenery from that place, or a symbol like a flag.

Search for the specific location of the slide.

Examine the details of the image to confirm that it is a photo of that location.

Repeat the process until you have at least one fact and one image for each slide.

When you are done, move on to the next video to edit the master slide.

Now, it’s your turn: Find one interesting fact about each part of the image, Adjust the text color and size, And add images.


  1. Find one interesting fact about each part of the image.
  2. Adjust the text color and size.
  3. Add images.