2. Choose an Objective and Add a Title and Shapes

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In this video, you will begin your character map in Google Drawings by choosing a story.

You will then add a title to your drawing, add a shape for each character, and type the character names into each shape.

First, choose a piece of literature you would like to base your map on.

This could be a book your class is reading together or something you are reading on your own.

Then, think about the main and supporting characters that you can illustrate with a character map.

Return to the blank drawing you created in the last video and add a title in the drawing itself.

Add a text box for the title...

andformat the text to stand out.

Now, think about how you want to show the relationships between the characters.

First, decide where you want to place the main character on your map.

Include their name...

then format and align the text.

Continue your map by making shapes for supporting characters.

Think about characters who have similar roles in the story that you might show with the same shape.

At this point, don’t worry about changing the color or resizing the shapes.

For now, just place the characters somewhere on the canvas.

Format and align the text how you want it to look.


  1. Choose a story for your character map.
  2. Add a title to your drawing.
  3. Add shapes for each character.
  4. Type character names into each shape.
  5. Format the text.