3. Arrange and Format Shapes

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In this video, you will arrange your shapes on the canvas in a way that suits what you are mapping.

You will also make the shapes different colors according to each character’s role in the story.

Doing this creates a layout that will help you visually communicate your objective.

How you arrange and format the shapes on your map helps communicate important details about the characters to your audience.

For example, characters that are close to each other on the map or the same shape might have a close relationship or be allies.

To begin, group the characters that you decided should have the same shape.

Now place them in a symmetrical pattern where you will be able to add lines or text later to show their relationship with the main character.

Format the size of the shapes.

Your shapes can also be formatted in ways that make them stand out from each other and make the map’s objective more clear.

You can outline your shapes...

Or color them according to categories.


  1. Arrange your shapes in a pattern that makes sense for the story.
  2. Resize your shapes.
  3. Format your shapes by outlining them or changing their color.