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1. Introduction to Create a 360-degree Tour in Tour Creator

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In this lesson, you will create your own virtual tour of a favorite location so people can visit the place you choose right from their own computer.

You will make your tour in Google Tour Creator.

You can choose a faraway location, or you might create a tour of your local community’s unique landmarks and buildings.

Just don’t put any personal stops in the tour, like your home address, since you may decide to make your tour public.

People take a tour to get to know an area better.

Many tours, such as a sightseeing bus in a big city, stop at specific locations.

The tour you create will have 360-degree images.

This means the image seems to surround the person looking at it, so they feel like they are part of the scene.

Each scene offers a panoramic, or wider, view so more of the location can be seen at once.

As you complete this project in Tour Creator, you will: Create a new tour, Choose a location and describe the tour, Select a title and cover image, Find a location using Google Street View, You will also: Add and describe scenes, Add points of interest, Search for, save, and upload images, And publish your tour.

To work on this lesson, sign in to your Google account.

Open a new tab in your browser and navigate to google dot com.

If you are not signed in, do so now.

If you do not have a Google account, pause the video and create one.

Next, open another new tab in your browser and navigate to the Tour Creator website.

Create a new tour.

Now, it’s your turn: Sign in to your Google account, In a new tab, navigate to vr dot google dot com slash tour creator, And start a new tour.


  1. Sign in to your Google account.
  2. In a new tab, navigate to
  3. Start a new tour.