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In this video, you will finish and publish your tour so that people can learn more about your location.

To begin, take a look at your scenes and think about the best order to show them in.

Whether you’re building a walking tour of a city, a road trip of a state or a tour that moves through time, choose an order that matches how people would most likely visit the scenes.

For example, taking the shortest route on a tour of a state.

Move your scenes in the order you would like people to view them.

When you are satisfied with the order, publish your tour to the web.

If you choose the Unlisted option, your tour won’t be searchable or featured on the homepage, but anyone with the link can view it.

The Public option allows your tour to be visible to anyone on the internet.

If you’re unsure which option to choose, ask your teacher.

Now, it’s your turn: Review the order of your scenes, Change them if you wish, And publish your tour.


  1. Review the order of your scenes.
  2. Change them if you wish.
  3. Publish your tour.