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8. Create a 360-degree Tour in Tour Creator Wrap Up

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In this lesson, you used Tour Creator to build a virtual tour with 360-degree images.

This makes it seem to your audience like they are standing in the middle of the scene.

Throughout this lesson, you: Chose a location and category for your tour and wrote a description, Chose a title and cover image, Added scenes to your tour, Described each scene, Added points of interest, Added an image to each point of interest, Changed the order of the scenes, And published your tour to the web.

In the future, you can keep adding scenes to make your tour even more informative and interactive.

Or create a brand new tour about something that interests you.

To feel like you’re a part of the tour, use a virtual reality viewer like Google Cardboard.

Now that you know how to use Tour Creator, the possibilities are endless. Great job!

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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