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In this video, you will build your tour by adding at least three scenes.

You will also choose the starting view, title, and location for each scene.

Each stop on your tour will give you the opportunity to teach people what makes that specific location unique or important.

The example project uses Google Street View to get photos, but if you have a mobile device with a camera that takes panoramic photos, you can take and upload your own photos of your favorite locations.

To begin, type the location of your first scene.

Instead of a general name like France or California, type in a specific location, like the name of a landmark, building, or park.

This will narrow your search.

If the location you typed does not bring up an image, make your search more specific.

Google Street View will represent the scene in a three-dimensional, or 3-D, image, which makes it look deep and solid instead of flat.

Next, select the starting view of the location, so that people will begin at the angle you want them to when they take your tour.

Give your scene a descriptive title and add its specific location.

Then, add at least two more scenes to your tour.

Choose a variety of scenes to make your tour interesting.

For example, if you are building a tour of great restaurants in a particular area, choose three different kinds of cuisines to highlight.

Now, it’s your turn: Add at least three scenes to your tour, Choose the starting view for each scene, Title each scene, And add its location.


  1. Add at least three scenes to your tour.
  2. Choose the starting view for each scene.
  3. Title each scene.
  4. Add its location.