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In this video, you will set up your presentation and add information about the two things you are comparing and contrasting.

When you compare and contrast two things, you want to organize details about their similarities and differences. Using slides in a presentation can help you arrange the details in a clear and interesting way.

To begin, choose a theme for your presentation.

Each theme has its own formatting and set of colors that are applied to the slides.

You might choose a theme that matches the mood or tone of the subject you are going to compare and contrast.

For example, if your subject has a pleasant mood or tone to it, you could choose a theme with bright colors.

Or if the subject has a darker or more serious mood or tone, you can choose a theme with darker colors.

Then, give your presentation a title. You can use the topic or subject you are working with or any other title that will let your audience know what your comparisons will be focused on. If you include the titles of longer works in your presentation title, add italics to them.

Add a subtitle with either your name Or details to tell what you plan on doing in the presentation.

Resize or move the text boxes in the slide to make your title and subtitle easy to read.

Next, add a slide to provide background information for your audience.

Since you are comparing two things related to the same topic, choose a slide that has enough room to share details about both.

Give your slide a heading and format any words you need to, such as titles.

And then provide details about your first book, movie, or other item.

For example, if it is a written work or a film, you could start with the title, the name of the person or people who created it, and when it was released.

Add any other important details that will give your audience a good idea of what it is about, though you do not have to write a complete summary.

Do the same for the second work that you will compare and contrast with the first.

Explain how the two items are connected.

Add details similar to those you added for the first work.

You will explain how the works are the same and different in other slides.

Now, it’s your turn: Choose a presentation theme, Add a title and subtitle, And add a slide for background information.


  1. Choose a presentation theme.
  2. Add a title and subtitle.
  3. Add a slide for background information.