Create a Printout of Your Presentation

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In this video, you will create a printable handout of your compare-and-contrast presentation.

Your presentation will help your classmates, teachers, and others better understand the works you are comparing. As you share your presentation, your audience may want to read the information in your slides on their own, either while you are presenting or when you’re done.

Printing a handout of your presentation will give your audience a chance to do this and to take notes if they want.

To begin, open your presentation.

Then, preview your presentation so you can see how it will look when it is printed.

A print preview has several options to consider before printing your presentation.

Start by deciding how your slides will be formatted when they are printed.

You can print out your presentation with a page for each slide, Or you can provide room on each page for your audience to take notes.

If you choose the handout format, you can decide how many slides will appear on each page.

If you choose 3 slides per page, there will be lines next to each slide for notes.

This provides a specific place for your audience to write notes or questions during your presentation.

Choose the layout you prefer based on how your slides look on the page.

You can hide the background if it is not important to your presentation, but if you have light-colored text, hiding the background might make the text hard to see on light-colored paper.

Next, you can download your presentation as a PDF.

This will save a copy of your presentation to your computer and make it easy to share without anyone changing it.

When you have adjusted all of your settings, print your presentation so it is ready to hand out.

Now, it’s your turn: Adjust your print settings, Download your presentation as a PDF, And print your presentation.

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Create a Printout of Your Presentation

Create a printable handout of your compare and contrast presentation for your audience.