Add Speaker Notes to Your Presentation

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In this video, you will add speaker notes to your presentation.

If you will be delivering your presentation to your class or another audience, you may want to share additional details about comparing and contrasting the two works.

Adding speaker notes is one way to help remind yourself about the extra information you want to share as you present.

To begin, open your presentation.

Make sure the speaker notes are visible.

On the title slide, add a note about how you want to introduce the presentation.

Introductions often include your name and what the presentation will be about.

You can add the words you would like to say aloud.

Or you could use the speaker notes as reminders for yourself or prompt for what you might say.

Only you will be able to view the notes as you present.

The audience watching the presentation will not see them.

You could include a note reminding you to do or show something as well, such as a prop related to one or both of the works you compared.

If there are specific details or supporting evidence for your analysis, you can add them to your notes and share them as you present.

If you have more than one note or reminder, use bullet points or a numbered list to organize them.

Continue adding notes to your slides. You do not have to include a note for every slide if you feel the details in the slide itself are enough.

You can use the speaker notes in your last slide to wrap up your presentation.

At this point, you may want to give your audience a chance to ask questions.

When you’re finished, preview your notes in the presentation. Then, practice presenting by yourself or with a partner.

Now it’s your turn: Add speaker notes to the slides, And preview and practice your presentation.

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