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Using an image to support text details in a slide can help your audience better understand the information you are sharing. An image can also make a presentation more interesting to view. In this video, you will add links to images to your slides.

To begin, open your presentation. Think about which words, phrases, and ideas from your presentation might best be supported by images.

Then, search for an image and make sure you have the right to use the image.

You may want to include the words “free image” in your search to make it easier to find usable images.

Then, select the URL to the image and copy it.

You may need to right-click on the link to do this.

Next, choose the text in your slide that you want the image to go with.

And insert a link to the image by pasting the URL.

Continue adding links from the text in your slides to images that support the text.

If you cannot find an image that matches the text exactly, you can use any image that represents the word or idea you are linking to.

After you have added your image links, preview your presentation to make sure the links work and to practice showing the images as you present.

Now it’s your turn: Find details for image links, And add image links from your text to the images.

Choose an Extension
Add Speaker Notes to Your Presentation

Add speaker notes to your presentation to remind yourself about ideas you would like to share with your audience.

Add Image Links in Your Slides

Add links from text to images to support your ideas and add a visual element.

Create a Printout of Your Presentation

Create a printable handout of your compare and contrast presentation for your audience.