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In this video, you will add slides to compare and contrast aspects of your selected works.

Finding similarities between any two things involves looking at all of the details of both items.

When comparing two written works, you can compare and contrast things like plot, theme, and tone.

When comparing two different types of works — like a book and a film — you can also compare and contrast the values of reading the information versus hearing and watching it.

To begin, add a new slide to your presentation.

You can use any slide layout that fits your content. For example, if you are including images from both works to show similarities, you could add a slide with two columns.

If you are writing a paragraph to explain the similarities as in the example, you only need one column.

Add a title to the slide.

Then, think about what the two works or versions have in common.

Write a brief paragraph summarizing the main similarities that help connect them.

Include the most important details in your presentation.

This will help give your audience a snapshot of the two works.

If your slide has a lot of extra space, you may want to make the text larger.

Next, add a slide to contrast the two works and share the differences you found as you read, watched, or listened.

Then, write a paragraph summarizing the major differences you found.

You can refer to a similarity that you discussed in the previous slide by telling how the details of the similarity are different.

For example, if you wrote that the book and film version had the same characters, in the “Differences” slide, you could explain how a certain character in the film had different character traits than in the book.

When you are done writing, format the text box or text to make your presentation easier to read.

Now, it’s your turn: Add a slide to find similarities between the works, Add a slide for differences, And format the text or text boxes in both slides.


  1. Add a slide to find similarities between the works.
  2. Add a slide for differences.
  3. Format the text or text boxes in both slides.