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In this video, you will complete your compare-and-contrast presentation by adding a conclusion.

Writing a conclusion allows you to summarize the similarities and differences between the two works you compared. This will help you evaluate them to gain a better understanding of how they are connected.

You can also include your personal views and opinions of the works in the conclusion.

To begin, add a new slide to your presentation.

To write your conclusion, think about how you compared and contrasted the works.

Ask yourself questions, such as: Did the similarities and differences lead you to any conclusions? What are your opinions of each work?

If you had to write an essay on comparing and contrasting these two works, what would you focus on?

Then, add a title, and your conclusion to the slide.

Focus on synthesizing the similarities and differences.

Synthesizing allows you to show a new understanding of the two works and how they are connected.

You can share your opinion as well if you would like. Try to link your opinion with your synthesis to show how the two works made you think.

Then, format the text box or text as needed.

Now, it’s your turn: Add a slide for the conclusion, And write your conclusion.


  1. Add a slide for the conclusion.
  2. Write your conclusion.