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In this video, you will write your story with your group.

When you collaborate, you take turns adding to your story.

You may add a detail, but then the next person might add something that completely surprises you.

This adds to the fun of collaborating!

To begin, return to your individual computers and open the story document.

Since the file is being shared with everyone in the group, you’ll be able to see what each person has added to the story.

If you are not using your own computers, you can continue to share one and take turns adding to your story.

The first person on your list should start the story with the prompt your group chose, And then add to the prompt by completing one or two sentences to write the beginning.

The beginning of a story often introduces the main characters and the setting.

Because your story will be short, you can even include the problem in the beginning.

When the first person has completed their turn, they can tell the group.

If you are not all working in the same place, the first person can add a comment to let the next person know it is their turn.

Then, the next person adds to the story.

As your group builds the story, read what the last one or two people wrote and think about the characters and events that they have added already.

Then ask yourself questions, such as “What event might happen next?” and “What might one character say to another?”

It’s okay to add something surprising as long as you are all using the same basic characters, setting, and events.

The details you add should move the story forward in some way.

Continue taking turns writing your story.

Add to your group’s ideas while also including your own original ideas.

Each group member should take at least one turn adding story details.

Then, you can choose one person to end the story or come up with an ending as a group.

You can make your ending happy, shocking, or fun.

Be as creative and imaginative as you would like.

Now, it’s your turn: Begin your story, And take turns adding details to complete it.


  1. Begin your story.
  2. Take turns adding details to complete it.