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2. Choose a Writing Prompt to Start Your Story

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In this video, you will work as a group to choose a story prompt and organize your writing tasks.

You will then share your story document, so everyone in the group can collaborate from their own computers.

Before you begin writing a collaborative story, it is useful to… Discuss what you want to write about, And decide how and when each group member will contribute.

To begin, read the writing prompts from the starter project.

Choose one to start your story with. You can also make up your own or use one that’s been assigned by your teacher.

Then, decide which order to write in. When your group begins writing, you will take turns contributing one or two sentences to the story from your own computers. List each member’s name in the document in the order they will add their sentences. Format your group list to keep your document organized and to help separate it from the story you will be writing.

Next, share your story document with everyone in your group.

When you share your document, set it so everyone can edit. This will allow each of you to add your own details to the story when it is your turn.

Now, it’s your turn: Choose a story prompt, List and format your group members’ names in writing order, And share your story document with your group.


  1. Choose a story prompt.
  2. List and format your group members’ names in writing order.
  3. Share your story document with your group.