5. Create a Joke-Telling Talkbot Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you created a joke-telling talkbot using Apps Script.

To build your talkbot, you: Made a copy of a starter project in the script editor, Edited the code to create new prompts and answers, Copied the conditional statement to write a knock-knock joke, Tested your talkbot as a web app, And debugged your talkbot.

The digital skills you learned in this lesson can be applied to many other interesting projects.

Now that you know how to use code to build a functioning talkbot, you might teach your bot to converse in other ways, like answering questions or giving directions.

Or, you might search for code online to create a new type of web app or code other projects.

Copying, editing, and testing code are fundamental skills in programming and important for a future career as a software engineer.

As a software engineer, you might: Design a new social media platform, Create a best-selling app, Or build an e-commerce site for a small business.

Software engineers frequently use others’ code to improve products and build new ones.

Collaboration is a key skill for engineers, programmers, and many other professionals.

Have fun discovering different ways to use your new programming knowledge.

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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